Individual Goal $30,000.00
Jul 30, 2018


You are an intended inspiration in my life. God bless.
Your commitment to wiping out blood cancer through fundraising and awareness is truly inspirational.
Jill Lambert,
Very pleased to support this cause - sincere thanks to you and Matt for your ongoing commitment to this effort.
Tracy, let's win this for your dad!
Congratulations on all of your hard work Team Allegro Love you guys Gise
Gisela de Lama,
Thank you for everything you do for your dad and the cause. I wish I could give you a million bucks but first, I don’t have it, and second, I’m fighting my own battle. I’m blessed that you are still a dear friend after nearly 40 years. Love to you and Matt.
Tom and Anne Rossley,
Your determination is one of the things I liked best about you when I met you. Congrats on a spectacular effort!
Becky Gillam,
Tracy, your commitment to this fight is humbling, admirable, amazing. I see the benefits of your hard work and am honored to contribute to your fight. You're so close to your goal- I hope this helps! Love you!
Peg Peterson,
Bigg Huggs Tracey and Matt !!!!! Peace and Grace, Lair. ??
Lawrence Conlin,
Best of luck in reaching your goal! Dave and Heather Benson
David & Heather Benson,
Tracy, thanks for your commitment to research that will help so many. Your dad will be the wind in your sails.
Rachelle Melms,
Reach your goal. You never know who in you life might benefit.
Bill & Gerri Hanyzewski,
I continue to be inspired by your commitment and drive, Tracy. Keep on kicking cancer's a**!
Heidi Snell & Michael Schipp,
Tracy & Matt - have a great sail! Your dad will be watching over you. We will miss you guys this year! Hugs! Courtney & Bill
Courtney and Bill Bishop,
For you Dad's memory, and for every family praying for hope.
Susan Tonon,
Tracy, The hard work you put forth toward this cause, so near and dear to our hearts, is amazing! What a wonderful way to give back to other families whose loved ones face the same challenges. Your Dad is certainly smiling down on you.
Shannon Gibbons,
Thank you for all the hard work you put in to support this cause - will be thinking of you this year but know that everything you are doing is helping find a cure.
Sarah Tromans,
Team Allegro!! Love to Tracy and Matt and their families!
Chris and Gillian Paxson,
Our best wishes a great affection to Tracy and Matt. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of this good cause. Heather and Herman
Heather and Herman Ebner,
Appreciate all your hard work in raising money for these types of cancer. We've lost some great people to this disease but there is hope on the horizon!
Good luck this year, Tracy!
Audrey Leech,
Thanks to you and Matt for your years and years of work to help in the fight to treat and cure these blood disorders.
John & Lori Heinrich,
Gerri and I will always support your efforts.
Bill & Gerri Hanyzewski,

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