Individual Goal $12,000.00
Team Goal $25,000.00
May 24, 2018


My mom, Ruth, George's first wife, Luce Henschel are two of many who we love and who lost their battle. And yes we continue to love those we have lost, as they are a part of us. Thank you for continuing to work to move the needle so future loved ones are not taken down.
Ricki and Cantor George Henschel,
Pat and Gita Shannon
Thanks for doing this and thinking of me, Pat.
Andrew Gendron,
Good luck, Pat, Gita and Team Elixir!!!
Mark Sievers,
Good luck Pat & Gita.
Martin & Nancy Somelofske,
***Expletive*** cancer!
Mario Cole,
Thanks for your commitment to this cause, y'all.
Joe and Megan Shepherd,
Congratulations on your efforts this year and good luck in the Regatta!
Virginia Kwiatkoski,
Thanks for your efforts, once again. And, as they say in the Northwest, sail it like you stole it!
John Lewis,
Thank you to Pat Shannon and all the volunteers who give their time to help this cause and to all who work to find cures and treatment for those strong souls who battle Leukemia. Thank you and god bless you.
John F. Norden,
Great cause Pat. Thanks for organizing every year. Jay & Mary Schifferli
Jay Schifferli,
Thanks Pat & Gita for raising funds for a much-needed cause
Prabudha Roy,
Thank you Pat and Gita for your dedication over many years to this great cause. You are our inspiration! Love, Craig, Anna and Conrad
Craig and Anna Kline,
Thanks to you both for all you are doing! Betsy and Mike
Elizabeth Hatcher,
Thank you for all your good work, Gita and Pat!
Annie Marie Maitra,
On behalf of Pat and Gita’s Leukemia Cup Regatta Fundraising Page. Patrick, I wish you and your family well and will be in my prayers. Thank you for what you and Gita are doing. May God smile on you both. Vito
Vito Partipilo,
Good Luck! Love you guys!
Danielle & Dave O’Rourke,

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Sat Jun 2, 2018 @11:00 AM  EDT

My Thanks To

  • Craig and Anna Kline
  • Jay Schifferli
  • Greg and Darlene Bitel
  • Andrew Gendron
  • Ricki and Cantor George H...
  • Thomas Jonak
  • Vito Partipilo
  • Prabudha Roy
  • John Lewis
  • Martin & Nancy Somelofske
  • robert giannascoli
  • Carole Reid
  • James Roche
  • Donald Alducin
  • Timothy Renz
  • Gary J. Gray
  • Annie Marie Maitra
  • Anonymous
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  • Al Troianello
  • Virginia Kwiatkoski
  • Susan J Korman
  • Michael Wooton
  • Rajani Cuddapah
  • Jennifer Spurgat
  • Eileen Isdaner
  • Danielle & Dave O’Rourke
  • Elizabeth Hatcher
  • John F. Norden
  • Joe and Megan Shepherd
  • Mario Cole
  • Sandy Long
  • Aileen House
  • Jacob Sapp
  • Ghassan Nakad
  • Mark Sievers
  • Eric Yeo
  • Judge Bourque
  • Rich & Peggy Gisonny
  • Kevin McBrien
  • David Spitzer