Team Goal $3,000.00
May 24, 2018


Go get 'em! Annie's courage is an inspiration.
Stockton Reece,
Such resilient and bright little lady! Her strength is truly an inspiration to us all!
Laura Moretti,
Annie B and her family have handled this all with such grace and strength. I hope that through fundraising efforts like this, all kids can have the type of care and support Annie B has received.
Jessica Johns,
Annie Benson
Cindy Gilmour,
So glad Annie is getting better!
Denise Breitburg,
Wishing you all fair winds and smooth sailing!
Timothy Mullady,
Sam Benson
Roy Rich,
LLS has touched other friends of mine, but no one as young as you Annie. Good to hear of your great prognosis. Keep up your beautiful smile Annie! Liza Hamill from SERC.
Liza Hamill,
Annie Benson my favorite 7 year old and my beautiful and sweet grand daughter. I am so happy with the results of all the treatment and medical attention you received on your road to good health and recovery. all of the professionals and research made this possible and I am forever grateful.
Matthew Lempa,
Annie B, You are brave, courageous and so very loved.
Rich and Jackie Slokom,
Happy to hear Annie is doing so well!! Can’t wait to see her and your whole family this summer! Sending lots of love!! The McLeans
Deb Mclean,
Go Annie!
Amanda Reynolds,
In honor of the bravery of Annie Benson who is a lucky beneficiary of prior medical research and we hope this fundraiser will support more good work for future Annies!
I will look forward to seeing Annie B and her family on Cape Cod come summer!
Lyndy Rogers,
For our beautiful Annie.
joseph cellini,
Strong young lady!
Nevin Carr,
Ge get em guys!
James Allsopp,
Just saw this! Sorry for the late arrival!
Heath Berlin,
Hope to make it to Maryland soon to see the whole healthy family!
Rachel Borgatti,
Sending much love prayers and good wishes to Annie. Such good news to hear that you are doing well. Aunt Joanne
Joanne OBrien,
Love you Annie. Feel our love and support for you ??
Diane Wixted,
Go get ‘em
Megan Saucier,
Go Annie!!
Josh, Hilary, Finn, and Jackson Falk,
Annie B. You are an amazing young girl!
The Alcorn-Crosby Family,

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Sat Jun 2, 2018 @11:00 AM  EDT

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