Individual Goal $1,500.00
Team Goal $5,000.00
May 21, 2018


Sail on into the beautiful blue waters and find a cure for the cancers that have taken our loved parents away from us!
Ellen Barrett,
Great cause and great way to raise for it, good luck!
Thanks for the reminder and have a great sail and enjoy the memories of your father and family. Margaret and Rick Holden
Margaret & Rick Holden,
Have an amazing race! Such a nice event to honor the memory of your father.
Andrea and Jon Berry,
What a fabulous way to honor ur dad and mom! Amy & Darryl Demos
A wonderful tribute Jess! Have a great sail!
Andrew Marconi,
Good luck Jess...A great cause!
Philip and Jennifer Thorn,
From Freeman & Bo
Patricia Boynton,
Go Jess!!!!
Christy and Drew Strawbridge,
In memory of your wonderful dad, Jess! We miss him!
Elaine and Peter Wiemeyer,
Thank you to all our dear friends who support this regatta, and special thanks to daughter and son in law, Jessica and Forrest Williams, for their dedication to this great cause.
The Russell Family,
Jess - we are so happy to support your Leukemia Cup efforts in honor of and memory of your father. All the best, Quigley Family
Quigley Family,
You go, Jess!
forrest and margaret williams,
Both my father and I were diagnosed with AML. I’m recovering but my dad passed away back in 1993. It’s my pleasure to support you and this very important cause.
Alan Silverman,
Here's to you Jess & your dad. . Thanks for letting us ride on the rails as you set sail once again! xxx Stacy & Michael
Skok-Walsh Family Fund,
“It's when you smell the breeze; taste the salt and feel the waves beneath your feet that you truly know that you are alive.”
Tim Collins,
Each and every effort to cure cancer gets us closer.................
Charlie Clapp,
Congratulations to you Jessica! Seems like just yesterday that all you kids were hauling wood at Redtop, with your father keeping a keen eye, or that all the men were standing around the fire pit! Glad to see that you have grown into such a fine caring adult and leader. I am proud of you! /chuck
charles post,
In memory of a fantastic friend--Ed Russell
Bill and Lynn Rice,
Go Jess!
John & Kara Lovett,
Fair Winds Jess! A wonderful tribute to your dear Dad.
Perry and Peter,
You go Jesse! Enjoy the wind in your sails. Your Dad will likely have made a special fan apparatus of some sort for your and Carolines Boat! Love that guy.
mary Pierce,
Good Luck and have fun to you all this weekend. We will be thinking of you.
Liz Bone,

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Sat Jun 2, 2018 @11:00 AM  EDT

My Thanks To

  • Quigley Family
  • Patricia Boynton
  • Skok-Walsh Family Fund
  • Alan Silverman
  • Sylvia Zurlo
  • The Russell Family
  • Bill and Lynn Rice
  • Jon & Sarah Lemieux
  • Charles and Holly W8eilb...
  • mary Pierce
  • richard lucier
  • forrest and margaret will...
  • Shawn Dahlen
  • The Zimmer Family
  • charles post
  • Philip and Jennifer Thorn
  • Karen and Bill Bazley
  • Andrew Marconi
  • Marah Derzon
  • Edie and Ted Devnew
  • Jon Detwiler
  • Elaine and Peter Wiemeyer
  • Ben and Julie Fawcett
  • DD Allen
  • Linda Grossman
  • Allison Cowen
  • Arthur Gleason
  • The Dennison family
  • Alison Austin
  • Collins Family
  • Squeakie Thompson
  • Tim Collins
  • Grady Consulting LLC
  • Liz Bone
  • Chelsie Olney
  • Barbara and Chip Wyser
  • Stewart Rose
  • Charlie Clapp
  • Clarissa and Jim Hawk
  • Garrett Family
  • John & Kara Lovett
  • Christy and Drew Strawbri...
  • Perry and Peter
  • Sarah Keating
  • Andrea and Jon Berry
  • Margaret & Rick Holden
  • Frank and Donne Holden
  • Ellen Barrett
  • Maura Axelrod