Individual Goal $10,000.00
Team Goal $11,000.00
May 15, 2014


Good luck on your reaching your fund raising goal. Feel free to nudge me periodically as I do support your efforts. Elyse Mintz
Alan Bomar
Donna Broom,
Sail on my friend.
thomas wood,
I hope you meet your goal. It is a great cause! Continued good health!
Sarah Graham,
Good luck this year Alan! To good health! Laurie and Tom Meree
Laurie and Tom Meree,
May a steady wind of donors fill your sails as we navigate the challenging waters of myeloma in the voyage to seek a cure.
Jerry & Lindsay Walton,
Good luck! Love, Randy and Lynda
Lynda and Randy Tye,
Good luck on your goal, Alan.Glad to hear your good news about continues remission. CURE MAGAZINE published a letter that I wrote in the current ISSUE. The last edition featured myeloproliferative diseases . Her disease was called "myelofibrosis" and in 2005 was not considered a "cancer". That has now changed . Robin Roberts recent successful bout with the same thing raised awareness to this disease now called "myelodysplastic syndrome" when she has a successful stem cell transplant. She is pictured inside the back cover of this month's CURE MAGAZINE. yOUR OLD EYE DOC, BILL SHARPTON
Good luck! John and Meredith Tye
John and Meredith Tye,
Go Roundabout Skipper and Crew!
Thank you for the sailing experience... and the lunch conversations and insight...
Jan, Ulrika, Julia & Lukas,
Good luck and continued success in your efforts to combat Leukemia and Lymphoma.
Reb and Lynda Hester,
Glad we reconnected the last couple of years. We hope you meet your goal! You continue in our thoughts and wishes for continued good health!
Donna and Tom Mullenix,
Be strong and very courageous. Joshua 1: 9
Stewart Hall,
Allen, my husband and I are friends of your parents. We both wish you great success!
Cornelia and George Bird,

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My Thanks To

  • Jan & BillF Bomar
  • Donna and Tom Mullenix
  • David L. Hamm
  • Anonymous
  • Lynda and Randy Tye
  • Lynn Hamm
  • David and Alison Lennarz
  • Jan, Ulrika, Julia & Luka...
  • Jackie Gentry
  • Anne & Jim Carson
  • Anna Tye Melvin
  • Raymond Nugent
  • Donna Broom
  • Dinda Westbrock
  • John Wandling
  • Jerry & Lindsay Walton
  • Laurie and Tom Meree
  • Sarah Graham
  • thomas wood
  • Rebecca Callahan
  • Rusty Burshell
  • Cornelia and George Bird
  • Stewart Hall
  • Reb and Lynda Hester
  • Ray and Becky Bordelon
  • Tom & Cindy Gorman
  • John and Meredith Tye